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How Many Apple Slices Would I Need to…

March 12th, 2015 · No Comments

sliced applesApples and apple slices are one of those fruit snacks you can enjoy all year long. Beginning in the fall, their delicious taste flavors almost everything you can think of during the season. Well into winter, apples are one of the only fruits you can count on to be consistently fresh. There are a ton of recipes that involve adding this tasty fruit into the mix, and that got us thinking…

Assuming that one large apple was cut in to 12 slices, how many slices would you need to…

…bake an apple pie?
To make your typical apple pie in a 10-inch pie pan, you would need to peel, core, and slice almost 102 apple slices to fill out the dessert.

…make tasty applesauce?
You’ll need to bake and soften close to 144 slices of apple to make 4 cups, or 1 quart, of homemade applesauce. Better get slicing!

…make homemade apple butter?
Keep going when you whip up that applesauce! To make 9 pints of apple butter, you’ll need 9 quarts of prepared applesauce, which equals 1,296 apple slices!

…spice up my sandwich?
Just 3 or 4 slices will add flavor to your next Turkey and Swiss sandwich! Add a little spicy mustard to really get fancy with your lunch.

…bake them into bread?
For a delicious treat, give this cinnamon apple bread a try for your next brunch, holiday, or even just this upcoming weekend! You’ll need about 24 apple slices, diced to your preference.

…make apple cider?
A favorite fall treat for many, to make one gallon of apple cider you will need 432 apple slices. Good thing you’ll have a delicious beverage to quench your thirst after all that hard work!

…turn it into a marinade?
A tasty Asian apple marinade can turn your bland chicken or beef into a gourmet meal. You’ll just need one whole apple, or about 12 slices.

Dippin’ Stix sliced apples and premium dips consist of about 8 slices on average. That’s how many slices you will need to:

  • Enjoy a picnic
  • Pack a field trip lunch
  • Energize your workout with a snack beforehand
  • Treat yourself while still eating healthy
  • Snack healthy during long car rides


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Check out this fun post on Greatist.com for more ways to use apple slices! 

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