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Back-to-School Routine Made Easy with Dippin’ Stix Snacks

October 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Back to school means back to routine. A routine is probably a good thing after 3 months of kids sleeping in, continuous activities, and numerous fast food stops because you’re always on the go. Now that the kids are back in school, a healthy routine in meals and snacks is a must. Dippin’ Stix has the perfect healthy snacks for your kids’ lunches and after-school treats.

We all know that kids love sweet treats, but finding that balance between sweet and healthy is not always an easy task. Kids tend to all work the same—troll the pantry, comment that there isn’t a single thing in the house to eat, and grab a candy bar or can of soda to fill their hunger desires. However, there are many fun, quick, and healthy snacks available that take just a few minutes to prepare.

Try to soothe their after-school hunger with fresh and delicious apple snacks, celery sticks, or carrots with dips. From caramel to yogurt to ranch dips, there is surely something to please everyone’s palate. These snacks are sure to give them the boost they need to complete homework or get up the energy for their afternoon sporting event.

Surprise your kids with an unexpected twist for an afternoon snack. Now that you are back into the school routine with homework, getting up early, catching the bus, and staying awake during class, a Dippin’ Stix snack is the solution to the back-to-school routine and the question of what to serve to put their cravings to rest.

Dippin’ Stix products are award winning snacks that are perfect for lunches, travelling, sporting events, and even for a bedtime snack. They are appealing to both parents and kids with their tempting taste, convenience, and healthy twist. Whether it is peeled baby carrots, celery sticks with peanut butter or ranch dip, or apples with caramel, peanuts, or yogurt, it’s all about the back-to-school routine, and Dippin’ Stix will help you keep that routine intact—day after day!

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