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You’re the Boss with Healthy Vending Machine Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

April 10th, 2016 · No Comments

Working outside the home while raising a family, keeping the house in order, being a devoted spouse, and running kids to and from sporting events and dance recitals can be pretty tough when you’re trying to maintain healthy eating habits. When you really think about it, oftentimes the vending machines only carry salty, chocolatey, and calorie-filled snacks or treats meant to carry you over until the next meal, which may actually not be until the next day. If you’re looking for healthy and nutritious snack ideas or snack items, Dippin’ Stix has everything you’re looking for in a vending machine option.

You may start your day with a nutritious breakfast and you may even try to pack a healthy lunch, but what about the time in between? Ever have the 2 o’clock hunger pangs and realized that it’s several hours until the dinner meal? In addition to those several hours, you have to rush out of work to get to sporting events, dance recitals, and piano lessons, which may make you a bit tense and maybe even cranky.

Curbing overeating and keeping hunger under control can be helped with snacks, but how often are the snacks that we eat healthy? Ever find yourself at the vending machine staring and drooling over a bag of salty chips or a chocolate candy bar? Sensible yet satisfying snacks needn’t be overwhelming for you and they shouldn’t take a good portion of your morning or evening to prepare and pack. We all know that fruits and vegetables are healthy and filling so you feel satisfied longer and can make it to dinnertime without too much headache. Now healthy snacks are available in vending machines and are readily available to snack on without the guilt.

Creative and healthy snack options from Dippin’ Stix such as apples with caramel or yogurt dip and carrots with ranch dip can be found not only in your local grocery store, but in vending machines as well. They make the perfect healthy snack for anyone of any age. Dippin’ Stix snacks are filled with nutrients such as vitamins and protein to make you feel full longer. When your sweet tooth calls your name, grab a piece of fresh fruit  instead of that chocolate candy bar. Like the crunch of chips? Crunch on crisp baby carrots instead. Fresh sliced apples and peeled baby carrots make it fun for both kids and adults and they’re convenient for those on-the-go days when dinner doesn’t happen until later in the evening. Excellent quality and superior taste are what Dippin’ Stix is all about. We’ll show the vending machine who’s the boss with our crunchy, sweet, and healthy snacks full of fruits and vegetables with savory dips. Eat healthy, snack healthy, and be healthy—all while living the American dream with a hectic lifestyle. Pack Dippin’ Stix snacks in your lunches, take them to your sporting events, or find your way to the closest vending machine. Let healthy vending machine snacks be the boss with snacks from Dippin’ Stix. Visit your local grocer and the closest vending machine to find all of our healthy snack options.


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