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Eat Healthy, Spend Less, and Live More During the Holiday Season With Snacks From Dippin’ Stix

January 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Eat healthy, spend less, and live more seems to be the rage these days. But exactly how does someone eat healthy during the holiday season with starchy potatoes, casseroles, and plenty of baked cookies and desserts? Dippin’ Stix understands the value of regularly eating healthy as well as the struggle of eating healthy during the holidays. Check out our products at a retailer near you to enjoy healthy snacks while spending less.

While the holidays are a great time to celebrate with family and friends, it also seems to be a great time to blow your diet and healthy eating program. Most get-togethers center around food; with the added stress and limited time to shop, cook, clean, and entertain, these get-togethers lead to unhealthy eating due to pure exhaustion or lack of willpower to prepare and follow a healthy eating plan.

Follow a few simple steps in your planning for healthier eating habits during the upcoming holiday season.

  1. Eat smart. When you receive the invitation for a holiday gathering, try to eat smart. Having some healthy snacks beforehand or even eating a light meal will leave you in better control of bingeing on sweet treats and large meals at the get-together.
  2. Choose your foods wisely. Start out your meal plan with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and skip over the chips, fried or breaded foods, and sweet snacks.
  3. Portion control. One of the key issues of overeating is portion control. Try to cut your serving size in half or use a smaller plate instead of a large dinner plate.
  4. Stock up on healthy snacks. Whether you are eating healthy yourself or trying to get your family on a healthier eating plan, you can’t go wrong with having healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables with dip on hand and readily available.
  5. Stay active. If you find that you tend to overindulge during the holiday season, do your best to keep active to burn additional calories when possible.

The holidays are a time to spread cheer and spend time with family and friends. At Dippin’ Stix, we know about the temptations and struggles of holiday get-togethers and that’s why we have fresh snack options available to anyone, no matter the age. Options such as crisp baby carrots with premium ranch dip or apples with yogurt, peanut butter, or caramel are all healthy and delicious choices. Whether you are trying to eat healthier, get your family on a healthy eating plan, or eating before or during a holiday get-together, Dippin’ Stix snacks are perfect for any occasion. Dippin’ Stix will help you to stay on track and eliminate extra pounds on the waist and hips this upcoming holiday season. Eat healthy, spend less, and live more during the holiday season with snacks from Dippin’ Stix. Visit a retailer near you for Dippin’ Stix products.

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