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Ease Your Struggles of Healthy Snacks during the Heat of the Summer Months with Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

July 12th, 2019 · No Comments

In the heat of the summer when you are struggling to stay cool, avoid sunburns, and keep your kids occupied with minimal screen time, it’s sometimes difficult to think of fun and healthy snacks. Dippin’ Stix snacks of apples and carrots with premium dips can help ease the daily struggle to provide healthy food.


Apples are an all-around go-to snack that will never let you or your kids down. They are nutritious, easy to prepare, and fun. Need a few ideas to make the presentation of apples intriguing and keep those little bodies healthy? Try these fun apple recipes.


  1. Apple sandwich. Core and slice an apple, and then add peanut butter, raisins, or cheese and top with another apple slice for the perfect sandwich that is fun to eat.
  2. Applesauce muffins. Mix up a batch of muffins and add applesauce or cooked apples for a delicious treat.
  3. Spiral apples. What could be more fun than an apple cut like a spiral Slinky? Let the kids dangle the apple spiral before devouring it.
  4. Apple animals. Be creative with the cutting, slicing, and presentation of an apple snack. Cut an apple to look like a turtle. The eyes could be two marshmallows and a chocolate chip. How about a penguin? Cut a heart shape in the apple and use this piece to make wings for a penguin. Baby carrots can be carved and shaped into feet and a beak, and a raisin or chocolate chip can be used for the eyes.
  5. Apple dips. Who can resist a tasty apple dip such as caramel, yogurt, or cream cheese? Or you can roll apple slices in crushed graham crackers for a crisp and sweet taste.
  6. Apple cookies. We’re not talking about a cookie loaded with sugar. Slice an apple into a round piece and top with peanut butter, chocolate chips, nuts or a bit of caramel, and you have a snack very similar to a cookie that is sure to please the palate.
  7. Apple nachos. Who says nachos need to be made with meat and cheese? Try slicing an apple and topping with caramel, granola, oatmeal, chocolate chips, yogurt, or a bit of frosting for a whole different sort of nacho that is healthy and fun.
  8. Apple salad. Cut an apple into pieces and mix with yogurt and other fruits for a light and refreshing salad. You sure can’t go wrong with a recipe as simple and delicious as this one.


If you are looking for creative ideas to keep your kids as well as yourself, eating healthy snacks during the hot summer month of July, look no farther than Dippin’ Stix apple snacks. Our snacks are prepackaged in single or family packs for quick and easy access and preparation. Be creative and let your ideas flow. Dippin’ Stix snacks can be found at your local retailer. Check them out today and ease your struggles of healthy snacks during the heat of the summer months.

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