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Dippin’ Stix: Helping You Put the Hungries on the Run

April 19th, 2020 · No Comments

It can be hard to find something good to snack on fast.  When you go to your average convenience store, you know you’re going to be confronted with a lot of choices: candy, doughnuts, some kind of sandwich. The key is finding something tasty that isn’t too much to eat and isn’t loaded up with a lot of sugar either.


Dippin’ Stix is your fun in-between snack that is ready to fill the bill of healthy and tasty. You know apple slices and baby carrots are good for you; the key is finding something to go with them to make them even more enticing.


Nothing could be better and more convenient than Dippin’ Stix.  These snack packs come in convenient single serve packages. The snack packs not only seal in freshness, they also make it easy to take along a few on a road trip or to add to a lunch outside your home. They’re the perfect way to chase the hungries away before you sit down for your next main meal.


Of course, Dippin’ Stix snacks aren’t about fruit alone. With a name that includes the word dippin’, those fruit slices are diving into something. Your taste buds are sure to be pleased with the signature dips that are paired with these fresh fruits and vegetables.


Baby carrots and ranch dip are a natural; it’s hard to top that combination. Yet how about apple slices and caramel? Now there’s a combo! If peanut butter is more to your liking, then there’s a Dippin’ Stix variety just for you. Some of us would rather have our apple slices with chocolate, and thankfully, the good folks who make these fun snacks did not forget us either.


Dippin’ Stix actually offers several flavor varieties to choose from, which makes it easy to plan for a week’s worth of healthy snacking. You also might want to consider mixing and matching your snacks in order to be ready should you crave a certain flavor. Each snack is individually wrapped and ready when you are. Dippin’ Stix: Just dip it and enjoy it!


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