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Get Your Fun and Fiber Fix with Dippin’ Stix

May 29th, 2020 · No Comments

There are tasty but downright unhealthy snacks, and there are healthy but downright bland ones. And then there are those perfect snacks, like those by Dippin’ Stix, that fill the noshing bill without going too far in either direction of health and taste. In fact, we’re willing to claim Dippin’ Stix makes the “just right” snack combinations.

When it comes to snacking, well, you don’t want to too work too hard at it. You know just how good apples are with their abundant fiber and sweet taste. The downside of apples can be the prep that often comes with them. Many times, we really don’t feel like eating a whole apple, and if we’re out and about, we typically don’t have a knife to slice up the fruit for ease of snacking.

However, the makers of Dippin’ Stix snacks have done their homework, so why worry about biting into a whole apple when someone’s already done the preparation for you? Dippin’ Stix apple slices and baby carrots are ready when you are, and they are packed in a way that is guaranteed to keep them fresh for weeks.

But the grab-and-go goodness doesn’t stop with fruit and veggies alone; Dippin’ Stix believes you can be good and maybe a little decadent all at the same time. Are you partial to apples and chocolate or maybe apples and peanut butter? And who can resist the classic flavor combination of carrots and ranch dressing?

These fun, tasty combinations are a mere sampling of the various Dippin’ Stix snacks that await you in a produce aisle near you. The eight varieties to choose from, with five snacks in each pack, make it easy to plan for a week’s worth of healthy snacking. Or you might want to consider mixing and matching the snacks to be ready whenever you crave a certain flavor. Each snack is individually wrapped and ready when you are. Dippin’ Stix—just dip and enjoy!

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