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It’s the Flavor That Kicks at Dippin’ Stix

June 29th, 2020 · No Comments

Eating apple slices and carrots all by themselves is good for you, and let no one tell you otherwise. But when they’re mixed with a dash of fun, convenience, and a whole lot of flavor, they become Dippin’ Stix.

There are plenty of ways to snack these days and lots of appealing choices, but rather than having to run off to the store all of the time to find something good, Dippin’ Stix have a special edge. They combine the classic flavors you grew up loving with something to nibble on that doesn’t have to be eaten in a day or two. Matter of fact, you can buy them in packs of five and they’ll be ready when and where you are.

It’s a convenient thing when you consider how many of the choices you find down at the local mini mart are stale or wilting within a day and on a heavy discount, if they can still be sold at all. Not so with Dippin’ Stix, where big flavors and perfect freshness are preserved in small packages and the snack you crave is ready when you are.

It’s a good thing if you find you’re spending a lot more time at home these days and stopping by the refrigerator for you or the kids more often than you care to admit. Make it your opportunity to try all five flavor varieties of Dippin’ Stix. Do you like apples with caramel, peanut butter or fruit dip? We’re also betting you can’t refuse the classic combination of baby carrots and ranch dressing.

Enjoy the Dippin’ Stix flavor you like the best or mix and match for even more variety. You know that extra daily servings of fruits and veggies are good for you, and we make it easy to satisfy your cravings and tempt your taste buds! Dippin’ Stix; just dip and enjoy!

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