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Curb Your Cravings and Limit Overeating at Meal Time with Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

March 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Do you find yourself having cravings throughout the day or overeating at meal time? If so, it may be beneficial to think of eating smaller amounts of healthy food throughout the day to keep cravings and binge eating at bay. Curb your cravings and limit overeating at meal time with healthy snacks from Dippin’ Stix. Dippin’ Stix has snacks such as fresh carrots and dip and apples with a variety of dips to make healthy eating easier.

Although there’s really no perfect formula to curb cravings or keep from overeating at meal time, an effort to snack throughout the day is sure to help. Healthy snacking every 2-3 hours keeps your metabolism going and curbs those cravings for salty chips or a sweet treat from the vending machine. Try to limit each snack to 150 calories or less and incorporate protein, such as peanut butter, to aid in staying full. Yogurt and fresh fruit are also excellent options for a healthy snack.

In addition to curbing cravings and overeating, a diet rich in protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables is one that helps keep you sharp and your heart healthy. Heart healthy snacks are typically foods that are low in fat and more filling. For example, a fresh apple with a yogurt dip or peanut butter is a perfect snack when you’re busy with life and need something on the go. Perhaps you have children who are involved in sports or other after school activities. A healthy snack of fruits and vegetables with a tasty dip is sure to fit the bill.

Dippin’ Stix offers nutritious snacks to keep your child on the go and curb your desire to grab salty potato chips or sweet and sugary treats from the vending machine. Our crisp, peeled baby carrots and premium dips are pleasing to the palate and come in convenient individually wrapped portions. Or, if you have a larger family who may benefit from healthy and convenient snacks, our family size packets are available as well. Dippin’ Stix apples are sliced and ready to enjoy with several different dips of yogurt, peanut butter, caramel, peanuts, and a healthy portion of chocolate.

Visit a retailer near you to find the Dippin’ Stix snacks that will fit your busy lifestyle. If you’re young or old, male or female, athletic or work in a sedentary job, we have something to tease and please your palate! Curb your cravings and limit overeating at meal time with healthy snacks from Dippin’ Stix.

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Keep Your Brain in Shape with Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

February 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

When most of us think of being healthy, we think of our waistlines, our muscular system, having a “six-pack,” and the number on the scale. What many of us forget is the fact that our brain needs to be kept healthy and in shape, and one of the best ways to do that is by eating a healthy diet. Dippin’ Stix provides healthy snacks to help get and keep that brain in shape!

There are foods and diets that definitely help, and others that harm the brain over time. For example, foods such as red meat, cheese, butter, and fried or fast food should always be consumed in moderation. Vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, berries, whole grains, fish, poultry, and the use of olive oil instead of butter are all considered healthy foods and have the green light to enjoy.

If an individual consistently consumes foods containing a large amount of fats, they may be headed to a cognitive decline more rapidly than those who indulge in a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and foods that are low in fat.

At Dippin’ Stix, we provide nutritious snacks that are not only heart healthy but “brain-healthy” as well. Our crisp, peeled baby carrots and dip, and fresh apples with yogurt peanut butter or caramel dip are sure to not only help with the number on the scale, the “six pack,” or your waistline, but benefit your cognitive function as well. We all want to be healthy and smart in our olden, golden years, so now is the time to convert to a heart-healthy and brain-healthy diet with snacks from Dippin’ Stix.

Visit a retailer near you to pick up some of our conveniently packaged snacks that you can grab while on the go, send with your kids to school or sporting events, or just enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Keep your brain in shape with healthy snacks from Dippin’ Stix!

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Make Your Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolution Easy With Snacks From Dippin’ Stix

January 11th, 2017 · 1 Comment

It’s a new year with new resolutions. Be more patient, get organized, spend more time with family, exercise more, and eat healthy. Reports indicate that in the United States, nearly 45% of people make New Year’s resolutions and only about 8% of people achieve these resolutions. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthy, let Dippin’ Stix snacks help you.

It’s difficult to follow through with New Year’s resolutions because, let’s face it, they aren’t always fun. Sometimes family can be exhausting, having more patience is a true virtue, and exercising is very time consuming when you have an already busy and hectic lifestyle. While eating healthier may be difficult, it doesn’t have to be.

Part of eating healthier is in your thinking, prepping, and presentation. We’re all busy, but setting aside a bit of time on a Sunday evening to prepare your food and snacks for the week may make it easy. If you like a diet higher in protein, make up some oatmeal for the coming week’s breakfast, boil some eggs for lunch, and grill your meat in advance so dinner only involves heating it up.

Make your snack preparation easy and affordable with Dippin’ Stix snacks. Carrots with premium ranch dip and sliced crisp apples with yogurt, caramel, and peanut butter are healthy and affordable snacks, and they come in convenient bulk five-pack cartons. Our snacks have excellent nutritional value, are low in calories and fat, are prepared and ready for your on-the-go lifestyle, and they taste great! Dippin’ Stix snacks can be found at a retailer near you to help you eat healthy, stay healthy, and stay under budget. If eating healthier was one of your New Year’s resolutions, you can’t go wrong with snacks from Dippin’ Stix. Make your healthy eating New Year’s resolution easy with snacks from Dippin’ Stix.

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Keep on Track with Healthy Snacks During the Busy Holiday Season with Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

December 29th, 2016 · No Comments

It’s an awfully busy time of year with the holidays, school concerts and conferences, and finding time to prepare meals and snacks while playing taxi, working, and decorating the house. If you’re struggling to find healthy snacks for your kids (and yourself) and feel you just can’t find the time, consider Dippin’ Stix snacks.

The holidays are a particularly difficult time to keep on track with healthy eating and exercise which makes it challenging to keep a healthy weight. With the growing number of individuals struggling with obesity in the United States, healthy snacks can help keep waist lines from expanding and provide an overall better sense of wellbeing.

Instead of heading for the vending machine, packing a sweet and sugary snack, or sending cupcakes, candy, and chips with your children for lunch or an after-school snack, consider something healthy AND fun. Younger individuals may not be overly impressed with carrot sticks, but couple carrot sticks with a tasty ranch dip and their eyes are sure to light up. Don’t think an apple will really catch their eye? How about a sliced apple with caramel or yogurt dip?

Dippin’ Stix has a variety of healthy snack options that are sure to please your palate. Options such as peeled baby carrots and premium dips, and sliced apples with caramel, peanut butter, chocolate, or yogurt, are appealing to both parents and kids. They have excellent nutritional value, great taste, and are low in calories and fat. Dippin’ Stix products are award winning and perfect for anyone at any age.

Dippin’ Stix knows how important convenience is for busy families who are constantly on the go. That’s why we’ve developed a quick, healthy, and affordable snack for you and your family. To top it off, if you’re watching your waistline and want something healthy and nutritious, Dippin’ Stix is the way to go. Our Dippin’ Stix products are available at a retailer near you, and you can count on our nourishing and tasty items to help you stay healthy and within your dietary goals during the busy holiday season!

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Eat Healthy Before and After the Thanksgiving Holiday With Snacks From Dippin’ Stix

November 8th, 2016 · No Comments

The holiday season brings extra calories in our more-than-normal hefty meals. Although our Thanksgiving meals may include more than our fair share of daily vegetables, we tend to over-consume in other food categories such as with pumpkin pie and bread pudding. While Thanksgiving is about family and giving thanks for what we have, a big focus always seems to be on the food that we serve. That’s why it’s important to eat healthy foods prior to and after the Thanksgiving holiday. Dippin’ Stix can help you meet that goal with fresh fruits and vegetables served with savory and healthy dips.

If you’re a parent, you know the importance of keeping your kids satisfied with snacks throughout the day and you also know how equally important it is to feed them healthy snacks. For example, sending along money to school or sporting events to purchase a snack probably won’t leave them making the best and most healthy choices. You can easily take care of that problem by packing some single serve snacks made of healthy fruits and vegetables such as carrots with ranch dip or apples with yogurt or caramel dip.

But it’s not just kids that need to stick to a healthy snack. Adults have guidelines as well, and they’re often stricter, particularly if you have health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, or are struggling with meeting a goal weight. Dippin’ Stix snacks are perfect for anyone, no matter the age, sex, or size. They are ideal for throwing in lunch bags, for an afternoon snack, or for a midnight snack. What’s even better is that they can even be found in refrigerated vending machines!

So, if you really want to stick to your diet during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, plan to eat healthy snacks before and after to keep your diet balanced. Dippin’ Stix strives to provide healthy and affordable snacks for you and your family that are appropriately portioned. At Dippin’ Stix, we want you to be as healthy as you can be. Find Dippin’ Stix at a store near you at http://www.dippinstix.com/locator/index.php.

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Incorporate Apple Snacks from Dippin’ Stix into Your Diet and Meal Plan During the Fall Season

October 26th, 2016 · No Comments

It’s the beautiful season of fall. Kids are back in school, we’re experiencing cooler temperatures, and the wonderful scent of harvest is everywhere. Fall and winter are also seasons when we may become more sedentary because of the colder weather, and find ourselves back to the routine of enjoying casseroles and other yummy comfort foods. To help counteract those calorie-rich dishes, make healthy snacks a part of your daily ritual with healthy goodies from Dippin’ Stix.

Casseroles and other comfort foods are indeed very tasty and filling, but are packed with calories and fat. This, combined with less activity, can lead to weight gain and other health factors such as heart disease and diabetes. That’s why it’s crucial to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet on a daily basis.

For example, apples are a great source of fiber, and they’re tasty. Add some top-of-the-line dips such as yogurt and caramel, and you’ve got yourself a healthy and filling snack to get you through until your next meal. In addition, Dippin’ Stix products of carrots and premium dips are sure to handle your hunger and snack attacks day after day.

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and meal plan, purchase Dippin’ Stix snacks. With the kids back in school, Dippin’ Stix products are perfect for nutritional sack lunches, after school events, afternoon treats, and makes healthier snacking so much easier! Even the pickiest eaters in your family will love the wonderful and healthy selections offered by Dippin’ Stix. Everyone is sure to enjoy each and every snack item while making the effort to eat healthy and keep a healthier lifestyle.

The ideal alternative to calorie-heavy foods and sugary sweets, Dippin’ Stix can be found at your local supermarket or refrigerated vending machine all at a price you can afford!

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Help Stomp Out Obesity One Carrot Stick at a Time with Healthy Snack Choices from Dippin’ Stix

August 27th, 2016 · No Comments

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Have you ever thought about that statement? Healthy eating, whether meals or snacks, truly can keep the doctor away, and fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet provide tremendous health benefits. Dippin’ Stix snacks are convenient, nutritious, and healthy.

If you find yourself sick and tired of being sick and tired, not able to lose weight or maintain your current weight, or just can’t find anything appealing and healthy for a snack, consider the nutritious and tasty products from Dippin’ Stix. Healthy fruits and vegetables with top-of-the-line dips are sure to make you eat more nutritiously and feel better as well. It’s been proven that fruits and vegetables add fiber to your diet, are low in calories, and decrease hunger pangs.

There’s no doubt weve all found ourselves at the vending machine waiting for the candy bar or bag of chips to drop into the output section. However, with the soaring rate of obesity in the United States, it’s time to take a stand and motivate ourselves to healthier meals and snacks. Consider using those quarters for healthy snacks such as carrots or apples—all with delicious and nutritious dips. From ranch to peanut butter, yogurt, or caramel, Dippin’ Stix snacks are sure to please the palate.

With a variety of healthy, nutritious snacks available for anyone at any age, Dippin’ Stix single serve packages are perfect for after school snacks, lunches, or those days when you are constantly on the go. And, what’s even better, Dippin’ Stix snacks can be found in vending machines for those afternoons when it’s difficult to concentrate or you have the munchies!

Apple slices and carrot sticks coupled with caramel, yogurt dip, peanut butter, and premium ranch dressing are sure to please your snack craving and leave you begging for more. If you’ve decided it is time to convert to a healthier lifestyle and eating habits of more fruits and vegetables, pick up Dippin’ Stix snacks from your local grocery retailer. Lead by example and tell your friends and family about these healthy and nutritious snacks and help stomp out obesity in America, one carrot stick at a time! Visit our website at www.dippinstix.com to find a retailer near you, and remember that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


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Make Lunch Packing Easier With Healthy Snack Options from Dippin’ Stix

July 27th, 2016 · No Comments

Tired of the same old drab lunch? Kids complain that there’s nothing good in the house to eat? Do you find yourself at work eating unhealthy snacks from the vending machine out of desperation? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you and many others fit into the same category of those at a loss for convenient, healthy snack options. Dippin’ Stix has what you need, and their snacks are convenient and affordable too.

Many Americans struggle each and every day to find healthy snacks for themselves and their kids. With the start of another school year, you may find that you’ve dug out the lunch bags again in an effort to pack a more nutritious lunch than what’s often served in schools. If you have a picky eater or are trying to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your child’s diet, no problem—Dippin’ Stix has you covered.

Baby carrots and crisp celery sticks are our top chosen vegetable snacks and apples are the #1 fruit. Couple those fruits and vegetables with a tasty dip and you’ve just made a great impression on your kids; you may even be next in line for the parent of the year award!

Dippin’ Stix snack options are perfect for lunches, snacks, before or after sporting events, on the way to piano lessons, or just as a midafternoon snack for an overworked parent. Our products are awardwinning, fresh snack solutions for anyone at any age because we use premium dips, peeled baby carrots, fresh sliced apples, and crisp celery sticks. These healthy snacks are full of nutrients and are convenient, quick, and a great idea for lunches.

Find a Dippin’ Stix retailer near you by logging on to our website at www.dippinstix.com. You’ll find that these convenient snacks are perfect for lunches, sporting events, school, work, or travelling. Our snacks can now be found in vending machines to fend off your urge to eat an unhealthy snack like candy or chips. You can’t go wrong with a snack from Dippin’ Stix. Check us out today and make lunch packing a whole lot easier.


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Offer Your Kids Healthy Snack Choices from Dippin’ Stix

June 27th, 2016 · No Comments

Sporting events, dance classes, summer camps, and music lessons are all a big part of summer activities. Combine this with being a working parent with a huge load of responsibilities both at work and at home, it leaves little or no free time. Trying to feed your kids can be a challenge, let alone offering your kids healthy and nutritious meals and snacks will only intensify the challenge. Dippin’ Stix has the answer. We offer products that are healthy snack options that are low in calories and gluten-free.

It’s tough being a parent juggling work, family, and keeping the home in order while trying to be certain your family has delicious, nutritious, meals and snacks. You may find yourself having the best intentions of purchasing plenty of fruits and vegetables at the store but, once home, they are thrown into the fridge requiring cleaning and prepping with little time to do so.

With Dippin’ Stix snacks, we provide fresh options that are appealing to anyone at any age. Our products consist of peeled baby carrots and fresh sliced apples with premium dips to make them even tastier. Packed with nutrients for a balanced diet, you and your family are sure to enjoy. Our single serve packs make it convenient and quick for those days when time is limited.

What’s even better is that Dippin’ Stix products can be found at a retailer near you and are cost effective. For instance, depending on where you live, you can purchase a healthy snack from Dippin’ Stix for $1.25, eat it without guilt and pay the same price or more for a bag of chips or chocolate candy that leaves you feeling guilty and unhealthy.

If you are trying to feed your family in a healthy and nutritious way, check with your local food retailer about Dippin’ Stix products. We provide sliced apples and caramel and peanut butter, or baby carrots and ranch dip. You really can’t go wrong with a snack from Dippin’ Stix. So make your kids snack time easier with healthy and nutritious products from Dippin’ Stix.


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Move Toward a Happier, More Fulfilled Life With Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

May 20th, 2016 · No Comments

We’ve all experienced a snack craving at some point in our busy days, in our lazy days, and in our crazy days. What’s important is what type of snack we choose. Do we choose healthy snacks or do we choose snacks that are loaded with empty calories, carbohydrates, and saturated fats? If you’re looking for a healthy snack to satisfy your craving on busy, lazy, or crazy day, check out the nutritious healthy snack options offered by Dippin’ Stix at www.dippinstix.com.

 Whether you’re 2 or 92, a nutritious diet is important to keep healthy and fit. Obesity is a rising epidemic in the United States, mainly due to unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, and a variety of processed foods. That’s why it’s important to choose snacks that are filled with vitamins and nutrients such as fruits and vegetables. Across the nation, tasty treats, yummy foods, and larger-than-normal portions are being consumed by Americans. Set a goal to start some healthy eating habits by eating whole grain crackers, think twice before you dig in for a second serving, and try to consume fruits and vegetables with most meals. Limit sweet treats and try to consume more fruits and vegetables as snacks.

Options such as carrots and creamy ranch dip; celery and peanut butter; or apples with yogurt, peanut butter, or caramel dip are healthy snack choices, all of which can be purchased at your local retailer or grocery store. Dippin’ Stix snacks even come in family packs to help you budget, or they can be purchased individually if your family is smaller. In addition, Dippin’ Stix healthy snacks are now available in vending machines, so there’s no excuse to grab an unhealthy snack. Fuel your body with a healthy snack of fruits and vegetables with tasty dips and help America fight the growing problem of obesity. Check out our Dippin’ Stix packages for your snack options today and move toward a healthier, happier life.


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