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Simplifying, Self Esteem, and Healthy Snacks Have a Lot in Common – Dippin’ Stix Can Help

August 17th, 2015 · No Comments

We’ve all read or heard the ongoing news and reports about the obesity rate in the nation, the need for increasing self-esteem in our youth and young adults, and simplifying our lives to decrease stress. Have you ever wondered what these have in common? Simplifying our lives will decrease the amount of daily stress we endure, which in turn will have us snacking less, losing weight, feeling better, increasing our self-esteem, and eating much, much healthier. Many a healthy snack can be found at Dippin’ Stix. 


Researchers have proven over and over again that stress causes one to eat more food at a sitting and snack more often. Many of these snacks are unhealthy, high in calories and fat, and quite costly. Having a fresh snack that also fits into the healthy category is quite difficult to find, let alone a snack that is convenient for our on-the-go society.


Life is complicated, and being overweight makes it even more difficult with a culture and media that judge and perceive people who are thin are more successful and socially valuable. With that being said, only you can determine your value. You have the power to choose whether to live a healthy life through diet, exercise, and a strong positive attitude. No one can take that choice away from you.


Dippin’ Stix has a variety of single serve snacks with premium dips. Our healthy and nutritious offerings include peeled baby carrots, fresh-sliced apples, and crisp celery sticks.  They’re convenient and ready to eat, and the single serve portions are perfect for the young and the old, lunches, school, sporting events, traveling, or for a mid-afternoon snack.


Make your choice to simplify your life, decrease the amount of stress you endure, eat healthy, feel better, and have fun, all while increasing your self-esteem. Simplifying, self-esteem, and healthy snacks do have something in common.  Together they work to make your life a whole lot better, all while having fun and enjoying who we are in a perfectly healthy sort of way! Visit our website to learn more and find a store near you!

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