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Save the Planet, One Dippin’ Stix at a Time

October 11th, 2015 · No Comments

How much do you recycle? Do you ever wish that you could recycle more to help the planet? Ever find yourself pulling items from the garbage to put in the recycle bin? Do you want a great opportunity to recycle even more? Dippin’ Stix uses packages that are 100 percent recyclable to help in the effort to save the planet!

November 13 is Recycling Day, a national initiative to make America beautiful. The current recycling rate across America is 34.5 percent and continues to increase every year. In an effort to make America beautiful, take some time to reduce your personal waste, recycle more, and encourage a family member or friend to do the same.

Along with designing packages that are 100 percent recyclable, Dippin’ Stix has worked diligently to achieve great advances in reducing our carbon footprint. For example, Dippin’ Stix has improved efficiencies and reduced operating days per week by designing a master production scheduling system to greatly cut utility consumption while yielding lower operating costs. Dippin’ Stix has also significantly reduced the amount of packaging materials, trimming waste by 30 percent and resulting in a 6 percent savings in transportation costs.

You may be thinking that one package isn’t going to help, but you can buy more Dippin’ Stix to recycle more! And, if just one or two additional friends or family members took the initiative to recycle more today, our national recycling rate would increase and help our country and nation be the best that it can be. Won’t you join in the initiative and save the planet one individual and one Dippin’ Stix at a time?

Pick up a package or two of Dippin’ Stix at your local market, share the delicious contents, and share in the program of recycling! This will help our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have a clean and beautiful environment in which to live. Recycle today, and save the planet one Dippin’ Stix at a time!

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