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Healthy, Balanced, Convenient, Affordable Snacks for Kids with Dippin’ Stix

February 29th, 2016 · No Comments

It’s yet another month into the school year, and many of you are the designated helper for homework, taxiing kids to sporting events, and, of course, dealing with the drama that goes along with school. It’s hard to keep your kids eating healthy and making healthy food choices. Although you may prepare healthy and balanced meals at home, snacking tends to steer our kids in the wrong direction with a high sugar and salt intake. If you are looking for healthy snacks for your kids, look to Dippin’ Stix for healthy, balanced, and convenient choices.

It is difficult, even as adults, to steer away from greasy chicken nuggets, burgers, fries, and chips, not to mention sugary cookies, cake, and candy. However, with the nation’s obesity rate reaching record levels, it is imperative that we begin to instill good eating habits in ourselves and our children.

The task of finding something healthy to eat can seem daunting at times. We all know that kids like the visuals of their food, like pancakes made into smiley faces, a banana cut into a princess shape, or a smoothie made from a variety of different fruits. Presenting snack items in a creative way is sure to spark their interest. How about presenting sweetness with crunch, or crunch with protein? Dippin’ Stix can do just that! We offer variety packs of sweetness and crunch with our apples and caramel or yogurt dip. The crunch with protein option could be apples with peanut butter. Crisp baby carrots with ranch dip is another spectacular option for a healthy snack.

You’ve heard it said that it’s all about the presentation. How can your child not like a snack from Dippin’ Stix? The sweetness with crunch, crunch with protein, or just plain healthy with vegetables and dip are sure to tickle their palate. Visit our website at www.dippinstix.com to check out all of our healthy eating options and snacks for your kids. Whether it’s for a lunch, snack, after a sporting event, or just because, Dippin’ Stix are quick and easy and sure to get you on your way to healthier eating!

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