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Try Mindful, Not Mindless, Eating This Holiday Season with Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

December 5th, 2018 · No Comments

The upcoming holidays in the United States often become a viscous cycle of eating more than usual, followed by weight gain, and then setting New Year’s resolutions to lose weight—only to have the holidays roll around again with little or no weight loss. This year, try mindful, not mindless, eating during the holiday season, and let Dippin’ Stix help you with this with healthy snacks.


With attending holiday parties and family get-togethers, and spending more time indoors, many people eat just because the food is there; others eat for emotional comfort, and still others eat as a habit while confined indoors watching TV or working on a computer. Mindless eating has become an issue in the United States and contributes to the increasing number of overweight individuals and the obesity epidemic. Follow some simple steps for more mindful eating and incorporating more healthy snacks and make yourself and others aware of small changes that can make a huge difference.


  1. Portion sizes. During the holidays, in particular, more sweet treats, snacks, and larger meals are part of the festivities. Watch and limit portion sizes instead of entirely depriving yourself of mashed potatoes, gravy, snacks, or any dessert at all.
  2. Mindful, not mindless, eating. Just because the clock strikes 12 noon or 6 pm doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to eat. Instead, eat when you are hungry and not because the clock notes it is time. Be more mindful of meals and snacks throughout the day.
  3. Plan snacks. If you typically get hungry between meals, plan ahead with healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables with dips to keep you full until the next meal instead of heading to the vending machine for a sweet, high-caloric snack.
  4. Pay attention and slow down. Make yourself aware and pay attention to what you are actually eating. Make an effort to not eat in front of the TV, where you can lose track of what you have consumed, and slow down and enjoy your eating. This allows your brain to understand that you are satisfied and don’t need to continue eating.
  5. Keep a food diary. If you tend to lose track of what you eat in a day or just want to be more aware of why and when you eat, keep a food diary. You can then look back, make adjustments, if necessary, and incorporate healthy changes in your diet.
  6. Include fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are vital in a healthy and nutritious diet; however, they can be difficult to incorporate into your daily meal plans. As previously noted, plan ahead and prepare fruits and vegetables with a tasty dip instead of sitting down with salty chips or a sweet treat that is loaded with empty calories.


This holiday season, be mindful, not mindless, about eating, and enjoy a little bit of everything. Watching portion sizes, choosing healthy snacks, slowing down your eating, including fruits and vegetables, and keeping a food diary all ensure that you are on the right track for a great holiday season and every holiday season to come. Don’t set yourself up for failure of a need to commit to a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Be mindful about eating and enjoy the holiday season with healthy snacks from Dippin’ Stix.


Dippin’ Stix products can be found at your local retailer and include options such as carrots and creamy ranch dip, or apples with yogurt, peanut butter, or caramel. And, what’s even better, Dippin’ Stix snacks come in family packs to help with your budget or can be purchased individually if your family is small. In addition, Dippin’ Stix healthy snacks are now available in vending machines, so there’s no excuse to grab a snack that is unhealthy. Fuel your body with healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables with tasty dips and enjoy mindful, not mindless, eating this upcoming holiday season. Check out our Dippin’ Stix packages for your snack options today, so your New Year’s resolutions don’t need to include weight loss.


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