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Conquer Your Kids’ Snack Attacks with Dippin’ Stix Snacks

September 30th, 2019 · No Comments

When your kids come home from school screaming for food and snacks, it’s time to refuel. They’ve been cooped up in the classroom, and lunch was probably hours ago. Afternoon snacks are the perfect opportunity to refuel their bodies with nutritious and healthy foods. Instead of filling their tummies with sugary cookies or salty chips, serve them healthy kids snacks like Dippin’ Stix.


Whether their time home is short before their sports activity or they’re home for the evening, provide them with snacks that will fill them up until dinner, and, make sure the snacks are fun yet include more protein and less sugar.

Whole foods.

Instead of processed foods like chips or cookies, give them apples with peanut butter, string cheese, or nuts.

Dairy products.

These typically contain protein and help maintain lean muscle mass while making you feel full longer. Serve a glass of milk or have string cheese available.

Fruits and vegetables.

Not only do those hungry bodies need protein, they need vitamins C, A, and K as well. Fruits and vegetables are the leading sources of these vitamins.

Find substitutions.

If a milkshake is on the wish list when your kids step through the door, substitute with a smoothie and use yogurt instead of ice cream. If they enjoy apples, think outside the box and prepare an apple quesadilla, apple muffins, or apples with peanut butter or dip.

Lead by example!

If your kids see you eating sugary cookies, salty chips, and drinking soda, chances are they will follow suit. Lead by example and get your kids involved in helping prepare foods. This will encourage them to eat healthy so they feel well.

Make your own snacks.

You don’t always need a recipe to be healthy. Gather some ingredients to make your own trail mix and include dried cranberries and bananas, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, or cereal.


Dippin’ Stix can help with sliced apples and dip and crisp baby carrots and dip. These healthy kids snacks are not only affordable, nutritious, and healthy—they’re also fun with individual or family size packaging. Check out the healthy kids snacks available from Dippin’ Stix today from a retailer near you. When your kids plow through the door with a raging appetite, conquer their snack attack with healthy and nutritious snacks from Dippin’ Stix!


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