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Snacking Can Harm or Help Your Weight Loss Plan: Find Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

October 15th, 2019 · No Comments

When you stop to think of the food available to us, it’s no surprise why our country is in a state of increasing obesity. If you are looking to lose weight or have already set up a weight loss plan, consider healthy snacks that will help, not harm, your weight loss goals with fruit and vegetable snacks from Dippin’ Stix.


It seems as though we, as a society, are constantly bombarded with foods, drinks, and snacks and the ready availability of them. For example, you may have school parties, birthday parties, office parties, weddings, dates, and get-togethers at a favorite restaurant. You also have snack and drink vending machines around nearly every corner of a school or office building. Combine the ubiquity of snacks with declining activity levels, and you have the perfect formula for weight gain. Consequently, the ever-expanding waistlines in the United States continues to grow.


The phrase “everything in moderation” holds true in eating as well as in other areas of life. For example, you can have your cake and eat it too, if you watch portion sizes and enjoy responsibly. While there are many foods on supermarket shelves that may not be entirely healthy for you, if enjoyed in moderation, they can fit into a healthy diet.


Consider the following dietary facts when snacking between meals:


  • Snacking isn’t meant to replace a meal. In fact, many nutritionists recommend alternating meals and snacks every hour or two throughout the day.
  • Snacking helps to curb your appetite and prevent overeating.
  • Avoid snacks loaded with sugar and a high calorie count.
  • Snacking on foods such as fruits and vegetables will fill you up, so you’re less likely to eat a large meal.
  • In addition to snacking on healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, try eating smaller meals.
  • Avoid mindless eating. While there is nothing wrong with healthy snacks, don’t graze all day long. And always be aware of portion control, limiting yourself to single servings.


If you are looking into a weight loss plan or have already started, snacking can help rather than harm your health goals. Dippin’ Stix snacks have healthy eating and weight control in mind such as our fresh crisp baby carrots with premium ranch dip and our apples with yogurt, peanut butter, or caramel dip. Check out our healthy, delicious selections at a retailer near you. And definitely consider healthy snacks that will help, not harm, your weight loss goals with fruit and vegetable snacks from Dippin’ Stix.

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