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Dippin’ Stix Should Be Your Go-To Snack for Flavor and Fun

November 20th, 2019 · No Comments

Mom always said that eating your fruits and veggies was a good idea, but she probably didn’t have Dippin’ Stix in mind or think anyone could make getting some healthy munchies to taste so yummy!


When it’s grab-and-go snack time, chances are you want something that’s good and good for you. Dippin’ Stix has you covered. We know that just eating your vegetables or some fruit can be a bit boring, and that’s why we’ve amped up the flavor and the fun.


Dippin’ Stix isn’t just about nibbling in a healthy way, it’s also about tempting your taste buds with a little something unexpected. Why just have apple slices for that next snack when you can pair them with flavored dips like caramel, yogurt, peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate, or peanuts and chocolate? Or for something more traditional, pack baby carrots and ranch dip for a snack.


You’ll think you’ve gone to snack heaven when you consider how easy Dippin’ Stix makes it to get something that tastes great, but also keeps a watchful eye on the calorie count. Eating Dippin’ Stix is also a convenient way to know you’re enjoying a consistent portion of goodness that is gluten-free.


Dippin’ Stix snacks are easy to bring along on your next road trip or nature adventure. And, yes, they are also easy to pack for school lunches and snacks. The snacks are a convenient way to make sure fruit and vegetable fans of all ages get their daily allowance of good food while also enjoying it with one of our signature dips.


Fresh fruit is currently the fastest growing snack in the United States, and the Dippin’ Stix apple combination was the only fresh produce snack ranked in the top 10 by the National Association of Convenience Stores. Find out for yourself today why Dippin’ Stix creates a balance of healthy indulgence by combining fresh Granny Smith apples with a tasty selection of fun dips.

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