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Grab and Go with the Snack that Loves You Back

December 16th, 2019 · No Comments

There are choices, and then there are healthy choices when it comes to grab-and-go snacks to have ready when the hungries hit. Dippin’ Stix is the snack that loves you back when you’re in a hurry and you need guaranteed goodness in just the right size.


If you’ve been to your local convenience store lately, you know that you’re running a gauntlet of goodies when it comes to what you’ll decide to down to fill that extra space that just happens to appear between regular meals. You know you need something to tide you over, but just what, without filling you up and making you feel guilty?


Instead of doughnuts, instead of chips, instead of string cheese, there is something else and it’s not going to fill you full of empty calories. In fact, along with giving you an extra boost of energy, Dippin’ Stix is going to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth all at the same time.


If Dippin’ Stix was just about apple slices, that would be fine, and that would be healthy, but we’re not here to bore you with one food. No, we’re going to make your mom proud you’ve decided to make a wise choice that comes packed with a little extra variety.


It’s hard to resist apple slices dipped in caramel or maybe caramel and nuts. Also, it could be that apple slices and yogurt are more your speed. Or how about a combination that includes peanut butter dip? Dippin’ Stix is just what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if carrots are more your flavor, then it’s hard to top baby carrots and ranch dressing when you need something good that is also good for you.


But we haven’t stopped there; be sure to keep an eye out for our tasty protein-packing cousins called PRO2snax. We’re taking apple and carrot slices to a whole new level of “munchie.” We’re combining them with options like nuts, cheese, cranberries and pretzels. It’s a mini power snack of produce and protein that is guaranteed to give you a great pick-me-up.


Along with being a good-for-you food to nibble on, Dippin’ Stix comes in a convenient size that’s not too big and not too small for most folks who need a little something for that mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. It’s the kind of go-to goodie you can stock up on too, so you’ll have extra in your refrigerator or lunch bag when that gnawing feeling hits and you need something that satisfies. Dippin’ Stix—just dip it and enjoy!

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