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Getting a Tasty and Healthy Snack Fix with Dippin’ Stix

January 10th, 2020 · No Comments

Sometimes you want something that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but has real food value in terms of nutrients and fiber. If that sounds like an impossible order, you probably haven’t put your taste buds to the test on Dippin’ Stix.


We’re aware you’ve got plenty of snack choices when it comes to deciding what to grab when it’s time to fill those empty spaces that seem to appear in your tummy between major meals. If you’ve really taken a hard look at what’s in the vending machine in your office, aren’t you sort of left with a hollow feeling? When you think about it, you’re staring at a lot of empty-calorie choices low in nutritional value and high in sugar, fat, or both!


If you want to be good to yourself and enjoy a treat as well, we encourage you to plan ahead. Next time you’re in the produce section at your favorite local market, look for Dippin’ Stix. Inside our brightly colored, five-serving snack packs are some tasty goodies you’ll want to enjoy, brag about, and share.


The health benefits of apple slices and baby carrots are hard to dispute. But why go with plain when Dippin’ Stix has added some flavor combinations that will make your snack time something to look forward to. Most of us are fans of baby carrots and ranch dressing. But Dippin’ Stix takes things an extra step when it comes to the combos to be found with apple slices. There’s something about apples and caramel that takes you back in time. Maybe sliced apples and peanut butter is a better combination. Apples and chocolate are also crave-worthy. Maybe you like what you’ve heard and would like some nuts with it. We have you covered, and we’re also ready with apples and yogurt if you’re wanting to add a touch of calcium to your healthy snack.


There are eight flavor varieties to choose from, and with five in each pack, you’ll want to stock up for a week’s worth of healthy snacking or grab some extra boxes so you can mix things up. Each snack is individually wrapped and ready when you are. Dippin’ Stix – just dip it and enjoy!


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