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Dippin’ Stix Are Great Snacks for Kids and Adults Staying in Place or on the Go

July 29th, 2020 · No Comments

Imagine you want snacks for kids that are good in more ways than one, but you don’t want to do any extra work. In one sense, that describes just about any treat because the idea is to satisfy the urge to eat between meals, but without a lot of extra effort. It stands to reason that most of us would rather not hassle with cutting, washing, or additional cooking in order to enjoy something good; for us, the easy and healthy choice is Dippin’ Stix.


While Dippin’ Stix snacks really are all about grab-and-go goodness, there’s nothing that prevents you from enjoying them at home as you do a little social distancing from extended family members, friends, or maybe even co-workers these days. For some people, Dippin’ Stix snacks are just snacks for kids, but not so fast: Plenty of adults need a little something extra to eat between meals.


Who wouldn’t want the convenience and the flavor selection that comes automatically with Dippin’ Stix?  While you probably know that an apple a day does wonders for keeping your dentist at bay, you probably never envisioned a snack like Dippin’ Stix. Virtually no one would disagree with the idea that apple slices and baby carrots are good for you. But what Dippin’ Stix does with these health foods makes them more than merely enticing snacks for kids. Mixing apples and chocolate or apples and peanut butter, for instance, creates snacks that are guaranteed pick-me-ups when you need a little boost of energy to get you through the day.


We suggest you allow your taste buds to investigate all of the eight flavor varieties of Dippin’ Stix that are waiting in a produce aisle near you. Choose one flavor for a week’s worth of healthy snacking or consider mixing and matching to allow yourself to savor each flavor. With five in a pack, each one of your snacks for kids and adults alike are individually wrapped and ready when you are. Dippin’ Stix: just pick ’em, dip ’em, and enjoy ’em!

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