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There’s No Need to Practice Safe Distancing from These Healthy Snacks

November 13th, 2020 · No Comments

Snack time and break time used to be so easy. Of course, that was before the pandemic threatened to turn one of the healthier snack breaks of your day into an exclusively solitary affair. It’s hard to chat with someone else and forget about work or school for a moment when you’re being encouraged to keep a mask on or socially distance.

Lucky for us at least one thing hasn’t changed, and that’s the convenience and crunchy goodness of the healthy snack that loves you back. We’re talking about Dippin’ Stix: little packets of nutritious fruit and vegetable slices that come with their own dip.

It’s the sort of snack any mom would approve of for something to munch on. If your tastebuds lean toward carrot sticks or fresh apple slices, we have you covered. You’ve also got a little extra to go with those slices to take things up several notches on the flavor scale.

At Dippin’ Stix, we offer you the option to satisfy your craving for something sweet as well. We’re talking about the great tasting dips that come with our apple and carrot selections. How does sliced apples and caramel sound to you? Maybe you’d prefer to dip them into fruit dip or peanut butter. If you lean toward the saltier side of healthy snacking, then the baby carrots and ranch dressing are sure to satisfy.

There are actually eight varieties of Dippin’ Stix in all, so you don’t have to feel like you’re stuck on a flavor, unless you really want to be. If you’ve found a favorite combination, you might consider buying a five-pack box. It’s a convenient way to have a good supply of the flav’ you crave on hand, and it’s easily enough to last you through a week. Of course, if you’d prefer to pick and choose individual packages to get the flavors you love best, we say, be our guest.

Dippin’ Stix are low calorie and a real low-fat alternative to most of the other snacks you find in stores. They’re a convenient combo of nutrients and goodness in a grab ‘n go package. We challenge you and your family to sample all of the flavor varieties and find your favorite. Dippin’ Stix; just pick ‘um, dip ‘um and enjoy!

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