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Great Snacks for Kids Come in Convenient Five Pack Cartons

January 17th, 2021 · No Comments

Why have just one great snack, when five will do? It’s a question you’ll be asking yourself when you consider the tasty and healthy options created by Dippin’ Stix fresh snacks. We all know that finding snacks for kids that are healthy and convenient is a rare combination indeed. It’s a combo that Dippin’ Stix has not only mastered but packaged in a way that’s easily eaten on the go and packed into lunch bags everywhere.

Look for our cartons featuring five individually wrapped snack packages. Inside you’ll find some of our most delicious and popular combos of apples and caramel dip—or baby carrots and ranch dip; whichever you prefer.

Five pack cartons ensure you will have enough of your favorite flavor combinations to cover snack breaks all week long. You can keep the entire family happy by buying our three different flavors to make snack time even more exciting.

Dippin’ Stix are fun, interactive, and satisfying snacks for kids that they will love. You’ll also feel good knowing they’re getting a fresh, healthy serving of fruit or vegetables. It’s a treat that’ll have them asking for more and that’s why you’ll want to pick up our five pack cartons at your local store.

Dippin’ Stix are a low calorie and a real low-fat alternative to most of the other snacks for kids you’ll find in stores. There’s no better and more convenient combo of nutrients and goodness in a grab ‘n go package. We challenge you and your kids to sample all of the Dippin‘ Stix flavor varieties and find your favorite. Just Dip It!

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