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Portable Snack Packs are Making it Easier for Busy Families to Get their Fruits and Veggies

March 15th, 2021 · No Comments

Take a moment and run through your family’s daily schedule. Get up; get the kids ready for school while getting ready for work; drop the kids off at school; head to work; pick the kids up and bus them to their extracurriculars; get home; make dinner; help with homework; get the kids to bed; get yourself to bed. Then, repeat the next day. With this busy, non-stop schedule, when do you have time to prepare a healthy snack. That’s where our portable snack packs come in. With a variety of healthy options, you’ll never get bored and everyone in your family will find snack options they love!


The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

From childhood, we’re told that eating our fruits and vegetables are important. But do you know why? Here are just a few benefits of getting your daily dose of fruits and veggies:

• They can protect against cardiovascular problems

• Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fiber which promote healthy digestion

• Fruits and vegetables which contain carotenoids improve eyesight and protect against age-related eye diseases

• They can protect against metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure and dyslipidemia

These benefits aren’t exclusive to children; it’s just as important for adults to eat their fruits and vegetables.


Why is it So Hard to Eat Healthy?

With all of these amazing benefits, why do we find it so hard to eat healthy? It’s not necessarily for a lack of trying. Often the problem is a lack of time. According to food writer, Bee Wilson, what we eat is intrinsically linked with our lifestyles. Busy lifestyles have led to issues of not having time to cook a healthy, well balanced meal, or even not having time to eat at all.


What Can You Do to Eat Healthier?

While encouraging healthy eating in your family or finding more time to dedicate to meal prep are big issues to tackle, portable snack packs can make it a little easier to make sure everyone in your family has access to healthy, delicious snacks.

Whether you’re busy driving from work to school pickup or your kids are going from class to basketball practice, Dippin’ Stix portable snack packs can go with you. With a variety of fruit and vegetable options paired with decadent dips, you can enjoy a satisfyingly healthy snack that keeps your team fueled up while getting a much-needed daily dose of fruits and vegetables.


Stock Up on Portable Snack Packs Today!

Find your local Dippin’ Stix retailer and stock up on all of your family’s favorites today!

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