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When the Hungries Attack, There’s Nothing Quite Like a Dippin’ Stix Snack Pack

April 23rd, 2021 · No Comments

Walking into a grocery store, what food issues, other than calorie and sugar concerns, nag at you when considering what to grab for a treat? We’re guessing it’s a bit of a challenge to find something that not only has an appealing taste, but also contains some nutritional goodness too. If you’ve come to the conclusion that Dippin’ Stix is way ahead of its snack pack competitors, we’re ready to agree and say “That’s a fact.”


Dippin’ Stix fans already know they’re in for a treat that is just the right size. Packs of fresh fruit or veggies combined with tasty dips, in two- to three-ounce pouches are perfect to tuck into a lunch bag or purse. A Snack Pack is a good, satisfying portion that is guaranteed to tame those hungries and not ruin your appetite for a main meal.


But why stop with one Dippin’ Stix pouch when a Snack Pack can give you five times the goodness and value. That’s right, why not get a week’s worth of snacks in one convenient carton of five? Our packs feature some of our most popular flavor combinations like sweet gala apples and caramel, baby carrots and ranch dip, and sliced apples and caramel. You can enjoy a favorite flavor all week, or mix and match to offer yourself more snack breaks and flavor fun to look forward to.


It’s great to know our fans agree; just read this thank-you letter we received from Kristine L, of Brimley, MI:

“Hi, I am a mother of five. I have such a hard time getting them to eat fruits and vegetables. I recently found your products on the shelves at Walmart. I bought a bunch hoping the kids would like them, and they all loved them! Thank you for such a tasty, quality treat.”


Now, there’s a mom who knows the value of a Dippin’ Stix Snack Pack. It’s good to have extra on hand for those times in-between your main meals when hunger pangs seem to attack.


Dippin’ Stix snacks are a low-calorie, low-fat alternative to most of the other snacks you’ll find in grocery stores. There’s no better nor more convenient combo of nutrients and goodness in a grab ’n go package or a Snack Pack. We challenge you and your kids to sample all of the flavor varieties and find your favorite. Dippin’ Stix; just pick ’um, dip ’um, and enjoy!




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