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Grab and Go with the Snack that Loves You Back

December 16th, 2019 · No Comments

There are choices, and then there are healthy choices when it comes to grab-and-go snacks to have ready when the hungries hit. Dippin’ Stix is the snack that loves you back when you’re in a hurry and you need guaranteed goodness in just the right size.


If you’ve been to your local convenience store lately, you know that you’re running a gauntlet of goodies when it comes to what you’ll decide to down to fill that extra space that just happens to appear between regular meals. You know you need something to tide you over, but just what, without filling you up and making you feel guilty?


Instead of doughnuts, instead of chips, instead of string cheese, there is something else and it’s not going to fill you full of empty calories. In fact, along with giving you an extra boost of energy, Dippin’ Stix is going to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth all at the same time.


If Dippin’ Stix was just about apple slices, that would be fine, and that would be healthy, but we’re not here to bore you with one food. No, we’re going to make your mom proud you’ve decided to make a wise choice that comes packed with a little extra variety.


It’s hard to resist apple slices dipped in caramel or maybe caramel and nuts. Also, it could be that apple slices and yogurt are more your speed. Or how about a combination that includes peanut butter dip? Dippin’ Stix is just what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if carrots are more your flavor, then it’s hard to top baby carrots and ranch dressing when you need something good that is also good for you.


But we haven’t stopped there; be sure to keep an eye out for our tasty protein-packing cousins called PRO2snax. We’re taking apple and carrot slices to a whole new level of “munchie.” We’re combining them with options like nuts, cheese, cranberries and pretzels. It’s a mini power snack of produce and protein that is guaranteed to give you a great pick-me-up.


Along with being a good-for-you food to nibble on, Dippin’ Stix comes in a convenient size that’s not too big and not too small for most folks who need a little something for that mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. It’s the kind of go-to goodie you can stock up on too, so you’ll have extra in your refrigerator or lunch bag when that gnawing feeling hits and you need something that satisfies. Dippin’ Stix—just dip it and enjoy!

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Dippin’ Stix Should Be Your Go-To Snack for Flavor and Fun

November 20th, 2019 · No Comments

Mom always said that eating your fruits and veggies was a good idea, but she probably didn’t have Dippin’ Stix in mind or think anyone could make getting some healthy munchies to taste so yummy!


When it’s grab-and-go snack time, chances are you want something that’s good and good for you. Dippin’ Stix has you covered. We know that just eating your vegetables or some fruit can be a bit boring, and that’s why we’ve amped up the flavor and the fun.


Dippin’ Stix isn’t just about nibbling in a healthy way, it’s also about tempting your taste buds with a little something unexpected. Why just have apple slices for that next snack when you can pair them with flavored dips like caramel, yogurt, peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate, or peanuts and chocolate? Or for something more traditional, pack baby carrots and ranch dip for a snack.


You’ll think you’ve gone to snack heaven when you consider how easy Dippin’ Stix makes it to get something that tastes great, but also keeps a watchful eye on the calorie count. Eating Dippin’ Stix is also a convenient way to know you’re enjoying a consistent portion of goodness that is gluten-free.


Dippin’ Stix snacks are easy to bring along on your next road trip or nature adventure. And, yes, they are also easy to pack for school lunches and snacks. The snacks are a convenient way to make sure fruit and vegetable fans of all ages get their daily allowance of good food while also enjoying it with one of our signature dips.


Fresh fruit is currently the fastest growing snack in the United States, and the Dippin’ Stix apple combination was the only fresh produce snack ranked in the top 10 by the National Association of Convenience Stores. Find out for yourself today why Dippin’ Stix creates a balance of healthy indulgence by combining fresh Granny Smith apples with a tasty selection of fun dips.

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Snacking Can Harm or Help Your Weight Loss Plan: Find Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

October 15th, 2019 · No Comments

When you stop to think of the food available to us, it’s no surprise why our country is in a state of increasing obesity. If you are looking to lose weight or have already set up a weight loss plan, consider healthy snacks that will help, not harm, your weight loss goals with fruit and vegetable snacks from Dippin’ Stix.


It seems as though we, as a society, are constantly bombarded with foods, drinks, and snacks and the ready availability of them. For example, you may have school parties, birthday parties, office parties, weddings, dates, and get-togethers at a favorite restaurant. You also have snack and drink vending machines around nearly every corner of a school or office building. Combine the ubiquity of snacks with declining activity levels, and you have the perfect formula for weight gain. Consequently, the ever-expanding waistlines in the United States continues to grow.


The phrase “everything in moderation” holds true in eating as well as in other areas of life. For example, you can have your cake and eat it too, if you watch portion sizes and enjoy responsibly. While there are many foods on supermarket shelves that may not be entirely healthy for you, if enjoyed in moderation, they can fit into a healthy diet.


Consider the following dietary facts when snacking between meals:


  • Snacking isn’t meant to replace a meal. In fact, many nutritionists recommend alternating meals and snacks every hour or two throughout the day.
  • Snacking helps to curb your appetite and prevent overeating.
  • Avoid snacks loaded with sugar and a high calorie count.
  • Snacking on foods such as fruits and vegetables will fill you up, so you’re less likely to eat a large meal.
  • In addition to snacking on healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, try eating smaller meals.
  • Avoid mindless eating. While there is nothing wrong with healthy snacks, don’t graze all day long. And always be aware of portion control, limiting yourself to single servings.


If you are looking into a weight loss plan or have already started, snacking can help rather than harm your health goals. Dippin’ Stix snacks have healthy eating and weight control in mind such as our fresh crisp baby carrots with premium ranch dip and our apples with yogurt, peanut butter, or caramel dip. Check out our healthy, delicious selections at a retailer near you. And definitely consider healthy snacks that will help, not harm, your weight loss goals with fruit and vegetable snacks from Dippin’ Stix.

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Conquer Your Kids’ Snack Attacks with Dippin’ Stix Snacks

September 30th, 2019 · No Comments

When your kids come home from school screaming for food and snacks, it’s time to refuel. They’ve been cooped up in the classroom, and lunch was probably hours ago. Afternoon snacks are the perfect opportunity to refuel their bodies with nutritious and healthy foods. Instead of filling their tummies with sugary cookies or salty chips, serve them healthy kids snacks like Dippin’ Stix.


Whether their time home is short before their sports activity or they’re home for the evening, provide them with snacks that will fill them up until dinner, and, make sure the snacks are fun yet include more protein and less sugar.

Whole foods.

Instead of processed foods like chips or cookies, give them apples with peanut butter, string cheese, or nuts.

Dairy products.

These typically contain protein and help maintain lean muscle mass while making you feel full longer. Serve a glass of milk or have string cheese available.

Fruits and vegetables.

Not only do those hungry bodies need protein, they need vitamins C, A, and K as well. Fruits and vegetables are the leading sources of these vitamins.

Find substitutions.

If a milkshake is on the wish list when your kids step through the door, substitute with a smoothie and use yogurt instead of ice cream. If they enjoy apples, think outside the box and prepare an apple quesadilla, apple muffins, or apples with peanut butter or dip.

Lead by example!

If your kids see you eating sugary cookies, salty chips, and drinking soda, chances are they will follow suit. Lead by example and get your kids involved in helping prepare foods. This will encourage them to eat healthy so they feel well.

Make your own snacks.

You don’t always need a recipe to be healthy. Gather some ingredients to make your own trail mix and include dried cranberries and bananas, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, or cereal.


Dippin’ Stix can help with sliced apples and dip and crisp baby carrots and dip. These healthy kids snacks are not only affordable, nutritious, and healthy—they’re also fun with individual or family size packaging. Check out the healthy kids snacks available from Dippin’ Stix today from a retailer near you. When your kids plow through the door with a raging appetite, conquer their snack attack with healthy and nutritious snacks from Dippin’ Stix!


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Choose Sliced Apples and Dip for a Healthier You!

August 7th, 2019 · No Comments

The old proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” has more truth to it than one might think! Not only are apples tasty, refreshing, and fun, but consuming apples has many health benefits as well. Stop at your local retailer and pick up apple slices and dip from Dippin’ Stix for a fun, refreshing, and healthy snack.


Filled with antioxidants and dietary fiber, apples help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Other benefits include:


  • Neurological health. An article in the Journal of Food Science in 2008 argued that eating apples may benefit your neurological health and help to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Stroke prevention. Studies in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2000 suggest that the intake of apples reduces the risk of thrombotic stroke.
  • Cholesterol control. The antioxidants and dietary fiber in apples help to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  • Obesity management. Apples have a positive effect on good gut bacteria and, therefore, can help to prevent obesity.
  • Apples contain very little fat, sodium, or cholesterol, and are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Basically, you can’t go wrong with a fresh, crisp apple!


If you’re looking to boost your nutritional intake, eat healthy, and lose weight, an apple a day will help keep the doctor away. Dippin’ Stix snacks of apple slices and dip can be found at your local retailer. Our products are an award-winning fresh snack solution that anyone, at any age, can enjoy. The single-serve fruit and dip and vegetable and dip snacks appeal to both parents and kids alike with excellent quality and superior taste.


Take a step toward reducing the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer as well as decreasing cholesterol and obesity by eating an apple a day. Check out Dippin’ Stix apple slices and dip snacks today to help achieve a healthier you!

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Ease Your Struggles of Healthy Snacks during the Heat of the Summer Months with Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

July 12th, 2019 · No Comments

In the heat of the summer when you are struggling to stay cool, avoid sunburns, and keep your kids occupied with minimal screen time, it’s sometimes difficult to think of fun and healthy snacks. Dippin’ Stix snacks of apples and carrots with premium dips can help ease the daily struggle to provide healthy food.


Apples are an all-around go-to snack that will never let you or your kids down. They are nutritious, easy to prepare, and fun. Need a few ideas to make the presentation of apples intriguing and keep those little bodies healthy? Try these fun apple recipes.


  1. Apple sandwich. Core and slice an apple, and then add peanut butter, raisins, or cheese and top with another apple slice for the perfect sandwich that is fun to eat.
  2. Applesauce muffins. Mix up a batch of muffins and add applesauce or cooked apples for a delicious treat.
  3. Spiral apples. What could be more fun than an apple cut like a spiral Slinky? Let the kids dangle the apple spiral before devouring it.
  4. Apple animals. Be creative with the cutting, slicing, and presentation of an apple snack. Cut an apple to look like a turtle. The eyes could be two marshmallows and a chocolate chip. How about a penguin? Cut a heart shape in the apple and use this piece to make wings for a penguin. Baby carrots can be carved and shaped into feet and a beak, and a raisin or chocolate chip can be used for the eyes.
  5. Apple dips. Who can resist a tasty apple dip such as caramel, yogurt, or cream cheese? Or you can roll apple slices in crushed graham crackers for a crisp and sweet taste.
  6. Apple cookies. We’re not talking about a cookie loaded with sugar. Slice an apple into a round piece and top with peanut butter, chocolate chips, nuts or a bit of caramel, and you have a snack very similar to a cookie that is sure to please the palate.
  7. Apple nachos. Who says nachos need to be made with meat and cheese? Try slicing an apple and topping with caramel, granola, oatmeal, chocolate chips, yogurt, or a bit of frosting for a whole different sort of nacho that is healthy and fun.
  8. Apple salad. Cut an apple into pieces and mix with yogurt and other fruits for a light and refreshing salad. You sure can’t go wrong with a recipe as simple and delicious as this one.


If you are looking for creative ideas to keep your kids as well as yourself, eating healthy snacks during the hot summer month of July, look no farther than Dippin’ Stix apple snacks. Our snacks are prepackaged in single or family packs for quick and easy access and preparation. Be creative and let your ideas flow. Dippin’ Stix snacks can be found at your local retailer. Check them out today and ease your struggles of healthy snacks during the heat of the summer months.

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Do Not Let Academics and Healthy Eating Habits of Your Children Suffer this Summer with Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

June 4th, 2019 · No Comments

When summer rolls around and the kids are out of school, it’s time for everyone to kick back and relax, right? Sleep late, put the books to the back of the closet, and have free reign of the snacks in the refrigerator, freezer, and cupboard.


Wrong! Studies show that students who stash away the books over the summer months lose up to one month of school year learning (study by David M. Quinn and Morgan Polikoff). The same goes with snacks and unhealthy eating. Don’t let summer become a season of unhealthy eating habits. Instead, invest in fun and healthy snacks from Dippin’ Stix.

You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, love, and money into making your kids a success, and that’s not just academically successful. You work hard to prepare healthy and balanced meals, pack nutritious lunches, and try to be creative with fun and healthy snacks during the school year. Don’t allow unhealthy eating habits just because it’s summer.

Follow a few simple tips to keep on track with studies and healthy eating this summer:


  1. Go for nutrition by following the food pyramid with enough servings of fruits, vegetables, protein, and grains.
  2. Understandably, the summer months are busy with sports, work, camps, and daycare. However, not all convenience foods are filled with sodium, fat, and calories. Foods such as apples and baby carrots with dips are fun, convenient, healthy, and nutritious.
  3. With a little bit of time and creativity, those brown bag lunches and snacks can be healthy and fun. If your family is young, make animal shapes or flowers out of their sandwich, fruits, or vegetables. Who could turn that down?
  4. Read and review. Who doesn’t want a break from the studies over the summer months? However, taking a few minutes each day to read with your child and review those math problems can keep them up-to-date with their academics so they aren’t so far behind when school starts again in the fall. If you’re traveling, take along some books to read in the car, have them read road signs, and add up the cost of items purchased in the store or restaurant to keep their reading and math skills sharp.


This summer, don’t let your child’s academic progress and healthy eating habits suffer. Take a few minutes each day to work with your child by reading, writing, and reviewing math calculations. Additionally, work with them to continue and achieve healthy eating habits.


Dippin’ Stix can help with sliced apples and dip and crisp baby carrots and dip. These snacks are not only affordable, nutritious, and healthy—they’re also fun with individual or family size packaging. What’s even better, Dippin’ Stix snacks are also available in vending machines for convenience. Check out the healthy snack options available from Dippin’ Stix today at a retailer near you, and don’t let your child’s academic progress and healthy eating suffer this summer!

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Incorporate Healthy Foods and Snacks into Your Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue Menu with Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

May 15th, 2019 · No Comments

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring more time outdoors, camping, family get-togethers, and picnics. May also brings Memorial Day, a time when many family and friends gather to honor those who gave their life serving our country and fighting for our freedom and way of life. This Memorial Day, when you gather with family and friends, take along not only a heart of gratitude, but also healthy snacks from Dippin’ Stix for your cookouts.


Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting, seems to be the start of barbecuing outdoors, gathering with family and friends, and taking in the savory flavors of food on the grill. Incorporate healthy foods and snacks into your summer barbecue menu and have fun doing it.

  1. Warmer temperatures. Let’s face it, in some of the mid-western states, the winter and spring season can be pretty chilly. When Memorial Day rolls around, typically temperatures are rising, making it the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and time outdoors.
  2. Fun food. Picnics are a time for fun foods such as kabobs, watermelon, and fresh vegetables. Additionally, having picnic tableware such as a red checkered tablecloth, a picnic basket, and coolers, makes the event even more festive and fun.
  3. Grab-and-go food. Finger foods and munchies such as fruit kabobs, low-fat cheese trays, and crackers and dips are always popular and easy to grab and go, especially for any younger children in attendance. Portable snack packs such as snacks from Dippin’ Stix are convenient and easy with no preparation needed.
  4. Fruits, vegetables, and dips. There’s no easier way to incorporate healthy foods and snacks into your summer barbecue menu than fruits, vegetables, and dips. They are not only easy, but popular too. Make your fruit and vegetable trays appealing and fun, and they are sure to be a hit.
  5. Sparkling fruit water. Instead of loading up your guests with soda and sweetened drinks, consider sparkling water with fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, oranges, or lemons. What a healthy and fun alternative to soda and sweetened juice drinks.


When you are preparing for your upcoming Memorial Day weekend get-together with family and friends, incorporate healthy snacks and foods, particularly fruits and vegetables into your summer barbecue menu with apples and caramel, yogurt, peanut butter, chocolate, or caramel fruit dips, and fresh, crisp baby carrots with premium ranch dip from Dippin’ Stix. Find Dippin’ Stix at your local retailer and enjoy healthy eating this Memorial Day weekend.

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Be a Role Model to Your Children and Make Your Eating Habits Healthy with Nutritious Snacks from Dippin’ Stix

March 9th, 2019 · No Comments

When you’re a parent, you always do your best to make sure your kids are healthy by ensuring they get enough rest, receive their immunizations, and have their well-child visits with their pediatrician. But have you ever thought about the food and snacks that they eat, and how they may or may not benefit from them in the future? Healthy snacks for kids can be found at Dippin’ Stix.


While you may encourage proper portion sizes, the five food groups, and staying away from sweet treats, these strategies may not be enough. In a nation with an obesity epidemic, it takes a lot to watch portion sizes, stay active, and eat the proper foods and snacks. Consider the following to avoid weight issues later in life:


  1. Eat small portions several times per day. Eating smaller portions 5-6 times per day is better than eating 2-3 larger meals throughout the day.
  2. Be a good role model. You’ve heard of the adage “Monkey see, monkey do.” Your kids watch and listen to everything you do and say. Be a role model and stick with fresh fruits and vegetables rather than chips and sweet treats. Try carrots and dip, celery with peanut butter, or apples with yogurt or caramel.
  3. Encourage physical activity. Be active with your kids and exercise every day in some way. Go for a walk, play tag football in the backyard, throw a Frisbee, or dance. Whatever you choose to do, get your kids moving and doing something you both enjoy.
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Focus on healthy foods such as fruits, oatmeal, and whole grain cereal. Eating breakfast also helps with concentration to focus at school.
  5. Limit juice, soda, and other sugar-filled drinks. Even though diet sodas are free of sugar, there are other additives that are not healthy. Juices and other drinks contain large amounts of sugar as well.
  6. Eat meals on a schedule. Do your best to eat meals at the same time every day. It may be hard with sports, school, and work, but having a schedule helps with healthy eating.


Avoiding weight issues later in life can be difficult, but eating healthy at a young age can be the key in not having your child be overweight in their teen, young adult, and adult years. That’s why Dippin’ Stix focuses its products on healthy eating and appropriate portion sizes. Dippin’ Stix products can be found at your local retailer and include options such as carrots and creamy ranch dip, or apples with yogurt, peanut butter, or caramel. And, what’s even better, Dippin’ Stix snacks come in family packs to help with your budget or they can be purchased individually if your family is smaller. Remember “Monkey see, monkey do.” You are a role model, so make your eating habits healthy, and maybe your children will too with healthy and nutritious snacks from Dippin’ Stix.

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5 Ways Healthy Snacks from Dippin’ Stix Make Eating Right Easy

February 1st, 2019 · No Comments

Sometimes staying healthy feels like a full-time job. From eating right and getting enough exercise to making time to relax and perform self-care, it seems our society isn’t designed to accommodate it all. Well, we’re here to make nutritious eating just a bit easier with our healthy snacks. Check out the number of ways Dippin’ Stix makes eating right easy.

  1. Portable: You can take our healthy snacks anywhere you go! Whether you’re at work, taking the kids to their after-school activities, or need a snack for after the gym, you can take Dippin’ Stix with you.
  2. Perfectly Sized: Dippin’ Stix healthy snacks give you the boost you need to get through your hectic day without the extra calories from a large meal or junk food. You’ll feel satisfied while avoiding that post-meal exhaustion or post-sugar plunge.
  3. Great Variety: Don’t get bored eating the same snacks day in and day out. Dippin’ Stix offers a wide variety of healthy snacks to choose from, including carrots and ranch dip, apples and yogurt dip, and even apples and caramel dip! You can mix it up each day and still feel good about your healthy choices.
  4. The Whole Family Loves Them: Getting the family to eat right with you can be a challenge, especially if you have young children who push away anything green. As previously mentioned, we offer a wide variety of snack options, which means there’s something for the whole family. Helping your family eat healthier has never been easier!
  5. Convenient: Our snacks don’t require any prep, special utensils, or stress. Just peel off the seal and dig in. They’re perfect for tossing into your kids’ lunches or packing with your own. You’ve got enough to worry about; don’t let healthy snacking be one of them!

Healthy snacks for Dippin’ Stix make it easy for your whole family to eat right. Find a retailer near you and find out for yourself!


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