Frequently Asked Questions

Do your products have to be refrigerated?

Yes! To maintain freshness of the product, all Dippin' Stix products must be refrigerated.

What kind of apples do you use?

Dippin' Stix apple products are made with Granny Smith and Gala apples that are US Fancy or better.

How do you keep the apples fresh and crisp for so long?

Our sliced apples are rinsed in an FDA approved citrus solution that helps our apples stay fresh longer.

Are Dippin' Stix Gluten Free?

Most Dippin' Stix flavor combinations are Gluten Free. Please visit our products page to review the specific ingredients for each product.

I love your dips! Can I purchase the dips directly through you?

Our signature dips that are packaged in our Dippin' Stix products are currently not available for purchase by themselves.

Where can I find your products?

Reichel Foods now offers a store locator on our website where you can enter your zip code to find Dippin' Stix products in your area.

Who should I talk to if I want to sell Dippin' Stix at my store?

The Reichel Foods sales team would be happy to connect you with a distributor that carries Dippin' Stix products. Contact a member of our sales team!

Do you offer coupons?

No, we do not offer coupons at this time.

Do you sell your products online?

No, we do not sell our products online since they need to be shipped refrigerated.

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