Reichel Foods continues to make great advances in reducing our carbon footprint while working with suppliers that share the same commitment to the environment. As a company, we are constantly strategizing new ways to conserve resources while not falling short on overall product quality. Listed below are some focus areas that represent some of the leaps and bounds our company has made over the last few years:

  • Our team designed a master production scheduling system to improve efficiencies and reduce operating days per week.┬áThis program has enabled our company to greatly reduce utility consumption while yielding lower operating costs as a whole.
  • In an average year, our company recycles 186 Tons of plastic and corrugated/plastic materials.
  • Working with our vendors, we were able to significantly reduce the amount of packaging we use by putting our Dippin' Stix products into a 12 count shipper that converts into a display carton. This packaging change reduced waste by 30% and allows us to put more cases on a pallet and save 6% in transportation fuel costs.
  • While there are some food safety and processing constraints, Reichel Foods does try to use packaging materials for our products that are made up of recycled materials. All Dippin' Stix packaging material is 100% recyclable; therefore less material is thrown into the garbage after our products are consumed.

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